Welcome to Nutrition Farms! Our farm is made up of two unique properties that are committed to producing nutrient-dense, chemical-free food with exceptional flavors and enhanced medicinal qualities. Our first farm is located in the sub-tropical zone of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, while the second is situated in the coldest region of Queensland near Stanthorpe. By having farms in both tropical and temperate regions, we can demonstrate the effectiveness of Nutrition Farming principles in a variety of climates.

Nutrition farming is an innovative regenerative approach that we use to grow exceptional produce. We focus on providing precise nutrition and balanced minerals, microbes, and humus to our crops, which results in the creation of fine food that is packed with nutrients.

At Nutrition Farms, we are committed to growing food without the use of harmful chemicals. We never use fungicides, insecticides, nematicides, or herbicides in the production of any food grown on our farms. This ensures that our produce is not only healthy but also safe for consumption.

As our farms continue to grow, we are constantly expanding the range of produce available on our website. With diverse fresh food coming from both of our farms, we're confident that we can offer our customers an ever-increasing selection of high-quality, chemical-free produce.