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Cold-Pressed Apple Juice

Cold-Pressed Apple Juice

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Shipping: Due to Australian Biosecurity laws, we are not permitted to ship Happy Apples internationally, or to South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia, Tasmania or Norfolk Island. Please be advised that orders from these regions will not be processed.

Nutrition Farms Organic Apple Juice

This remarkable juice is produced from very special fruit. Nutrition Farms Happy Apples are, as the name suggests, fruit that have been nourished and nurtured beyond best practice.

These are chemical-free, nutrient-dense fruit. Their extreme nutrition ensures forgotten flavours with a sweet, tangy, crispness. These superb fruit often have a longer shelf life, and the wonderful medicinal qualities of apples are reclaimed, to the point that an apple a day may actually help keep the doctor away.

Benefits of Nutrition Farms Apple Juice:

1) Cloudy apple juice is much more nutrient dense than clear apple juice, as the “cloud” contains phytonutrients.

2) Happy Apples are jam-packed with antioxidants called polyphenols, with multiple wellness attributes.

3) The skin of Happy Apples contains the immune-enhancing anti-inflammatory, quercetin, which is present in the cloudy residue.

4) Try this apple juice with 50% sparkling mineral water for a truly delicious treat.

“The Life of a Happy Apple”

Click this link to read about the complete history of your apple – how and where it was grown (with pics), and an outline of the full agricultural nutrition program. We offer this information for full accountability to our consumers.

Chemical-Free, Forgotten Flavours, Nutrient-Dense, Carbon Farmed… What does it mean?

Nutrition Farms Happy Apples are completely chemical-free. They offer an alternative to Certified Organics, in that these fruits are produced with a much greater focus upon extreme nutrition. Certified Organics involves a comprehensive set of guidelines detailing what you are not allowed to do. However, there is very little information about what you need to do, to ensure nutrient-dense food with intense flavours, extended shelf life and greater medicinal qualities. 

Nutrition Farming® involves an holistic approach where minerals, microbes and humus are intensively monitored and optimised to stimulate quality, flavour and natural pest resistance.

“Chemical-free” labelling has become increasingly popular in the burgeoning farmers markets across the country. The only problem here relates to the fact that this classification seeks to ensure that no chemicals have been sprayed onto the food crops. However, many of these growers are still using herbicides beneath the crop. Nutrition Farming® protocol does not allow the use of chemical herbicides, because there is a potential for systemic uptake from the roots.

Chemical-sensitive consumers can be assured that there are absolutely no farm chemicals used on this crop.

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